Fan VanMoof

Welcome to my VanMoof fan site where I share my referral code with you to enable you to get €100/$100/£95 discount on accessories or Peace of Mind coverage when you buy a VanMoof S3 or X3 bike.

What does this mean?

When you buy a VanMoof bike, and include for example a Front Carrier (€69) and an ABUS Chain Lock (€65) you don't pay €134 for these accessories, but only €34. Or you could include the Theft Peace of Mind Service and pay only €248 instead of €348, and the VanMoof Bike Hunters will recover your bike when it is stolen!

How does this work?

There are 4 steps in the buying process of a VanMoof bike:

  1. Select the bike
  2. Select accessories like a Front Carrier and a lock
  3. Select services like Theft and Maintenance
  4. The payment
In the payment step you first provide your personal information and shipping address, and on the next screen you can do the actual payment. On that screen you will see the text Apply discount code followed by a small v-shaped down arrow. If you click on this arrow you will see a text field where you can fill in the provided discount code. If you enter the correct code you will get a discount of €100/$100/£95, depending on your country:

Lets do it!

  1. Copy or share the code:
  2. Head over to the VanMoof shop
  3. Configure your bike with accessories and services
  4. Fill in the discount code VRR#U1AR-ED8D-RRZJ in the payment step
  5. Wait for the delivery of your bike, and enjoy the ride!

What is in it for me?